Edition 1

The Home Edition

22 November 2018 - Antwerp

The very first Persian Supper Club took place in our home in Antwerp. I invited some friends to test the formula. Not only was I testing the menu, but also the social experience of putting people who didn't know each other well together at one table. And it turned out to be a success.

Although the first edition was a try-out at home, I gave it my all. I wanted the first Persian Supper Club to be as good as it can get, as if it was the last one. So that meant the flowers, the music, a full fledged team, a menu with multiple dishes for every course, the handwritten name cards... Every little detail that makes the Persian Supper Club what it is today was there from the very beginning.

That evening will forever stay very special for me and I cannot thank my guests enough for joining me and believing in the Persian Supper Club concept.

The Pictures

by Frankie And Fish
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