About the Persian Supper Club

Seti’s Persian Supper Club is a private dining experience for a select group of guests who are immersed in the delights of Persian hospitality.

The Persian Supper Club takes you back to the time when Iran was the centre of the swinging seventies. Back then, Tehran was often compared with fashion capitals like Paris or Milan and was a vibrant modern city.

About Persian food

Persian food owes its diversity to The Silk Road and is an amalgam of Far East and Middle Eastern accents, with some eastern Mediterranean inspiration.

Pomegranates and pistachios were indigenous to the region and exported. In return, traders brought in rice from India and China, tomatoes from the Ottoman Empire, turmeric from India, yogurt from Central Asia, feta from Greece, saffron from Crete, and lamb from the Arabs.

About me

I am Setareh, born in Tehran, Iran. Raised and living in Belgium. I am a true Belgian Iranian as I learned everything about Persian culture at home whilst growing up in Belgium.

The Persian Supper Club is a tribute to my mother who took a lot of pride in organising meticulously decorated dinner parties. Not only was she a great cook, she was the perfect hostess. Proud. Elegant. Stylish. Attentionate.

Setareh Pourjavan

I have always enjoyed immersive experiences myself and have been dreaming of creating flawless full experiences for others. With my Persian Supper Club, I want to immerse you in a full Persian hospitality experience and share the best of Persian food, music and atmosphere in a modern setting. So please, be my guest.

Practical information

Every Persian Supper Club event will be held in a secret location which will be revealed one week before the event for a limited number of guests.

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The Persian Supper Club is organised by
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